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7 Awesome Reasons to choose Peel and Stick Backsplash

07 Oct 2021

Are you intrigued by  Peel and Stick backsplash but you are still pondering why to choose peel and stick backsplash or how Peel and Stick Backsplash are better than the conventional marble, ceramic, or stone tiles.
With the pandemic and the work from home situation being the new normal any change in the house appearance can juice up things, making your old space swoon-worthy. But Installing conventional ceramic tiles can be intimidating for any DIYer regardless of skill or experience.
It takes time, money, tools, and patience to get your backsplash or bathroom Ceramic tiles just right.
If you’re hesitant to take the traditional tiling plunge, then maybe peel and stick backsplash could be the right choice for you.


What are Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles? Peel and stick Backsplash tiles as the name suggests are wall or floor décor tiles that have a self-adhesive back and can be just pasted to the wall or floor one by one till you have the desired area covered.
Peel and Stick Backsplash tiles come in various materials most common and reliable is the combination of PU gel and vinyl, though new materials like molded PVC, stone, laminate, and even metal options are available.

I’m listing some of the interesting reasons to Install peel and stick backsplash

Here are 7 reasons you can choose Peel and stick Backsplash over the traditional ones

1) Choice of Designs and Materials

Some Peel and Stick backsplash brands offer a savvy choice of design finishes, colors, and shapes besides the regular white and grey subway style tiles. You can find many options like faux marble tile, stone design ,Mexican tile. marble effects alike white marble , grey marble , granite colors like light brown ,3d brick wall. Interesting shapes like Moroccan, petals, hexagon, fish scale can turn any wall from an eyesore to eye candy. Various design finishes like marble, wooden textures, glitter/pearl effects can be chosen to match the existing interior space.
Also, you get a choice of various materials in Peel and Stick backsplash like PU gel on vinyl, molded PVC foam, Wood/Laminate, Metal, and even Ceramic peel and stick tiles.
As Peel and stick backsplash depends on the back adhesive to keep them together on the walls heavier materials like ceramic, metals, and glass can give a constant stress on the adhesive to stay put on the wall for a long time. It is safer to use a lighter but sturdy material like PU gel on vinyl for a longer life.

2) Easy to Install

As the name suggests Peel and stick tiles are very easy to stick as backsplash tile. But as with any new thing, you won’t know it until you do stick it on a backsplash. Here are some useful tips.
Surface: Peel and Stick backsplash tiles are meant to stick on wall tile with smooth surfaces like to stick on kitchen backsplash ceramic tiles, glass walls, smooth painted walls . 
If you have a rough surface you will have to choose Peel and stick tiles with a thicker foam type adhesive.
Start Right: The Peel and Stick tiles are lightweight so they are very easy to handle and place. The important thing is to start well i.e. the first tile you would install is quite important. As the peel and stick tiles come in various shapes Its important that the first tile is cut at the edges in a straight line.
Similarly, straight lines should be drawn on the walls to match the peel and stick tiles straight edges. Also, each tile has an overlap portion which should come on your right side as you install the tile on the wall.
Peel and Stick tiles made of PU gel and vinyl are easy to cut with scissors and cutting blades making it quite easy to accommodate electrical points , taps , shower fittings .
It is important to mark well these points before making the cuts otherwise you may end up wasting the tiles.

3) Durable

Photo by Michelle Leman on
Peel and Stick tiles are generally made of PU resin on a vinyl base. The polyurethane coating (PU) protects the tile design finishes as it is waterproof and UV resistant. It has a very high durability compared to wallpapers or plain vinyl tiles which can be tampered easily and can get wet and lousy.
Just be careful some Peel n Stick tile manufacturers use Epoxy material instead of PU which can turn yellow after some time.
Peel and stick tiles are tough but not brittle so you don’t have to worry about the tile chipping off while installation. This feature also helps in the tiles not getting damaged in courier shipments which is the responsibility of the supplier anyways but it is good to be assured of transit durability in case there are no returns.
As the tiles are light weight the adhesive holds them well on smooth surfaces for a long time 3-4 years easily or even more.
For wet walls it is not recommended to use these tiles as direct contact of water is ok from the top but not from the adhesive side .It is also useful to seal the tiles on the edges with silicone sealant near sinks or  areas prone to water.

4) Reposition

While it’s best to plan well, hiccups are a part of every DIYers job. So you may arrive at a position where the tiles are not matching perfectly or there was a shake of the hand, and the tile is not installed in a matching position.
Don’t frown, you will not be the clown. The adhesive mosaic peel and stick tiles can be removed and repositioned 1-2 times. The adhesive backsplash peel and stick tiles use pressure-sensitive adhesive which as the name suggests gets activated with pressure. So it’s important to lay the peel and stick tile but don’t apply additional pressure unless you are sure about the position. The surface areas of the tile adhesive are very high compared to the weight of the PU gel and vinyl tile. So even if the adhesive becomes 10-15% weak with every repositioning it’s still strong enough to last long.
Statutory warning: Repositioning is not recommended for loosely painted walls as the paint will stick to the adhesive and make it unusable. It is recommended to apply an epoxy coat of oil paint on the painted walls to enable repositioning.

5) Fade proof and Stain Proof

Peel and stick tiles are perfect for backsplash like tile kitchen backsplash as it is not possible to stain the high glossy PU surface. Wallpapers or vinyl tile stickers may carry the same design as Peel and Stick but they don’t have enough protective coating to make the tiles stain proof for kitchen backsplash tile.
So you can be assured that your cooking oil or steam from an air fryer will not stain the wall tile in the kitchen . The oil or any other residue on the surface of Peel and Stick tiles can be easily cleaned with plain or soap water to reveal the original shiny surface design like the kitchen colorful talavera,grey white, grey marble or kitchen backsplash white in its full glory.
Wallpapers give a good choice of designs as anything can be printed but the same cannot be said of preserving especially outdoors with the sun beating down on the wallpaper inks causing them to fade over time.
Peel and Stick tiles made of PU can save the day as they have UV filters similar to what a sunscreen that you use on the beach has but of course much stronger than the sunscreens. The PU encapsulation of the print ensures fade proof installation you can adore for a long time in tough areas alike your wall tile in kitchen.

6) 3D Embossed Look

The Peel and stick backsplash tiles made with PU gel material have a thickness of 1.5 to 2  mm extra over the vinyl layer.
This thick coating gives a rich 3D embossed look to the tile as compared to a wall paper or only vinyl.
It is important that you choose a Peel and Stick tiles supplier offering good thickness otherwise the tiles can look very cheap like wallpaper especially from a close distance. Another way to verify this is to check the declared weight of the tiles on the eCommerce platforms like Amazon.
This is mentioned under the section Product Information/Item Weight in Amazon. A higher weight means a thicker tile and it’s advisable to choose the tiles with the highest weight. A set of 10 tiles of 12x 12 inches should weigh 2 pounds or more for a good 3D mosaic tile.

7) Economical, can be returned easily

A ceramic or glass tile installation in comparison to Peel and Stick tiles is quite messy as it involves professional tools, good experience, and handling to first remove the existing tiles and then put the new ones.
If you calculate the cost of the (Peel and Stick tiles + cost of installation) versus the (cost of Ceramic tile + cost of installation) you are bound to see savings.
Peel and Stick tiles are widely available now on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, Home Depot.
The customer is spoiled for the choice of designs, shapes materials, and suppliers. Ecommerce also means easy returns for the buyer in case you end up ordering the wrong shade or don’t like the product you see in your hand.
Peel and Stick Tiles are an easy way to decorate your house, office, garage, RV but need some careful planning in making the right choice of the materials and carrying out the steps of installation. These being taken care you can expect any old plain wall to come alive with these tiles with minimum mess and fuss.
Amazon Link to buy Peel and Stick Tiles: Peel and Stick Tiles on Amazon

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